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New and improved NHS Jobs

The new NHS Jobs website has been launched in March, providing new features and improvements for all users. Some of these that you will notice are:

Application status tracking

Application status tracking provides applicants with information on the status of each of their applications from start to finish. Beside each application in the 'My applications' list there is a status indication. The status for an application will be one of the following:

  • Draft - Started but not completed and submitted
  • Submitted - Completed and submitted
  • Invited to interview - Shortlisted and invited to interview or assessment event
  • Interview booked - Interview booked
  • Decision pending - Awaiting outcome of interview, with interview in the past
  • Offer accepted - Conditional offer made to you has been accepted
  • Successful - Recruited into the job
  • Unsuccessful - Application has not been successful
  • Withdrawn - You have withdrawn your application for this job
  • Stopped - Application not started due to failing to complete the pre-application questions successfully

Application form types

There are three new 'standard' application forms that can be used, dependent on the job type advertised. Most job adverts will use the 'Standard' application form, which is similar to the form previously used, but with some small changes in the previous employment and referees sections. Some job adverts, probably for volunteer or work experience types of adverts, will use a shorter and slightly simplified form.

Job adverts for medical and dental clinical posts will use the new 'Medical and Dental' application form. In addition to small changes similar to those on the 'Standard' application form, there are changes to how qualifications are listed and significant changes to the supporting information section, where much more information can be entered in answer to more questions. Applicants for such posts should allow extra time to complete the first new application form or their profile.

Please note that the limit on the amount of text within the supporting information has changed and may have an impact on your application. You may need to revise the information in your answer to get it within the limit.

My Profile

A new profile ('My Profile') can be used by all applicants to save their answers to most of the application form questions in their account, rather than just on an application for a vacancy. Your profile can then be used in starting future applications. Applicants have control over the editing or deleting of their profile at any time, with no automatic deletion after a period of time such as happens with applications.

A profile can be used by new applicants to prepare their answers for an application form ahead of the relevant job adverts being published. Applicants with applications to jobs published before 3rd March should load the answers from their last application into their profile and then check and complete the answers on the profile, before starting applications to new job adverts published after 3rd March.


The primary navigation to different features uses that 'tab' buttons across the top of each page, with quick access to commonly used areas such as 'My Applications' and 'My Searches'. 'My NHS Jobs' provides access to all features available in your account, including 'My Interviews', 'Messages', 'My Profile', 'Favourite Jobs' and 'My Pools'.

The primary navigation to different features uses that 'tab' buttons across the top of each page. 'My NHS Jobs' provides access to all features available in your account, with the more frequently used features also having their own tab button ('My Applications' and 'My Searches').


Interview invitations and scheduled interviews are combined clearly in one area, 'My Interviews', making it easier to view interview information and reply to invitations.


A new reminder notification on the home page indicates when messages or invitations have been received or when applications are yet to be completed.

The ability to receive SMS notifications on being invited to interview and for scheduled interview reminders, assuming that you have a UK registered mobile phone.

Job search

A new job search interface provides more control over job searching. Filtering search results to those that match your requirements becomes easier with the filter panel on the left.

New design

A fresh new look in the layout, colours and styles of the website.

Posted on 22-Feb-2014 Updated on 13-Nov-2014