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Revised Application Forms

NHS Jobs launched the new service on 4 March, which includes new features and improvements for all users.

For the new service the NHS Jobs application forms were reviewed and revised, with employers having a choice to select one of the following forms:

  1. Standard application form (minor changes from the old form, which includes a reduction on the supporting information word limit to 1500)
  2. Medical and Dental application form (a number of changes from the old form mainly in the Supporting Information section with the following sub-sections - Please refer to the screenshots below)
    • Declaration of practical experience
    • Teaching
    • Management of change
    • Research
    • Publications in peer reviewed journals
    • Presentations
    • Prizes or other academic distinctions
    • Management and leadership experience
    • Team working
    • and, other supporting information
  3. Short application form (possible use for school leavers and volunteers)

Please note all adverts that have been migrated over from the old service to the new service will still contain access to the same NHS Jobs application form questions, although the colour and look of the form will be in the new design. Do please take time to read and check your application thoroughly before submission.

All adverts published from 4 March onwards will provide you with access to a new application form, therefore it is important to read and check your form thoroughly before submitting it to the relevant employer. Much of the information from an old application form can be used in the new application forms, if you have saved it into your profile.

If you have already applied for a job advert prior to March 2014, 'My Profile' provides a way to copy information from the old style application forms so that it can be used in the new application forms. At the top of the 'Personal Information' section select the previous application that you wish to copy from in the 'Choose profile from' box and then click on the 'Load' button. Please check the information carefully and complete anything that is missing, paying particular attention to the current employer details in 'Employment History' section, supporting information in the 'Supporting Information' section and qualifications in the 'Qualifications' section of the Medical & Dental form.

Please note that the limit on the amount of text within the supporting information has changed and may have an impact on your application. You may need to revise the information in your answer to get it within the limit.

The new service provides you with the ability to work on your profile beforehand, enabling you to prepare as much as possible in advance, and then tailor your application form accordingly when applying for specific vacancies. (See the FAQ on 'How do I use My Profile' for more information.) Your profile can also be used to store your application form answers for use in starting future applications. The profile will not automatically be deleted, however you can delete your profile at any time should you wish.

Once you have submitted your application form you will be provided with the option to save the application as a 'profile' should you wish. The next time you decide to apply for a position you will be provided with the options to either use a blank application form, your last submitted application form or your profile form if one is available.

If at any time you feel that the wrong form has been selected by the recruiting employer for a specific job advert, please contact the organisation direct.

Posted on 25-Feb-2014 Updated on 13-Nov-2014