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New NHS Jobs website available now

The new and improved NHS Jobs website is now available, following the planned shut-down period at the beginning of March. We apologise for any inconvenience caused then.

All of the data on the old service has been migrated to the new service. Your accounts exist on the new service with the same applications and information as was available to you previously. Your login details for the website remain the same as they were previously.

Job adverts that were published before the end of February and that are still open can be applied for, whether you have started an application or not. The application forms for these vacancies have the same questions as the forms had previously on the old website, so everyone answers the same questions. Note, however, that the colour, layout and style of the application forms follow the new website design.

All new job adverts, published after 3rd March, will utilise one of the new application forms.

Posted on 22-Feb-2014 Updated on 13-Nov-2014