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Championing Values for Healthcare

NHS Jobs is supporting a new e-tool, launched this week by Health Education England, which champions the values and behaviours of the NHS.

The free values based recruitment (VBR) e-tool provides NHS jobseekers and existing staff an opportunity to learn more about the qualities that health employers are seeking, in the way staff deal with patients, their families and carers, and NHS colleagues.

Entitled Values for Healthcare, the 15 minute assessment tool has been designed for anyone interested in applying for any of the four main support roles in the NHS – healthcare assistant, reception, back office and estates staff employed in Band 1-4 posts.

The interactive challenge can also be used by potential staff interested in knowing if they are suited to work in the NHS and for health employers prior to the recruitment and selection process.

Linking to the right values

NHS Jobs advertises a range of support worker roles in health settings across England and Wales at

Employers advertising Band 1-4 posts on NHS Jobs can now invite candidates to try the ‘Values for Healthcare’ tool prior to applying for a role. The tool takes the participant through a number of challenges and provides detailed feedback to their responses. Candidates do not have to share the results with existing or potential employers.

As well as linking the e-tool to specific jobs adverts on NHS Jobs, trusts can also include the ‘Values for Healthcare’ link on their website; any promotional material linked to support worker vacancies; as part of assessment tasks during the recruitment and selection process; or as part of a support worker recruitment open day.

How the challenge works

The participant chooses one of the four job roles which are featured in the tool – it does not have to be a role they are applying for. Each job role provides a set of questions that the participant might be faced with every day in the NHS, with four ways to respond for each question.

At the end of the 15-minute interactive challenge, participants will receive detailed personal feedback on the values best suited for a support worker role in the NHS.

Are you considering a career in a support role in the NHS? Take 15 minutes to find out whether you share the NHS values. Try the interactive challenge

Posted on 15-Sep-2016 Updated on 16-Sep-2016